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Abnormal Uterine Bleeding.mp471,544 KB10/4/2019 5:00 PM
Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding and Menopause.mp4144,655 KB10/4/2019 5:08 PM
Acute Pain Management.mp461,303 KB10/4/2019 5:10 PM
Adult Nutrition.mp427,862 KB10/4/2019 5:11 PM
Adult Wound Care.mp420,519 KB10/4/2019 5:12 PM
Angina, Acute Coronary Syndrome, and Congestive Heart Failure.mp4276,508 KB10/4/2019 5:21 PM
Antepartum Fetal Surveillance and Intrapartum FHR Monitoring.mp463,824 KB10/4/2019 5:24 PM
Arthritis Rheumatology.mp4252,110 KB10/4/2019 5:34 PM
Behavior and Development Topics in Pediatrics.mp462,046 KB10/4/2019 5:37 PM
Bleeding in Pregnancy.mp476,877 KB10/4/2019 5:39 PM
Buprenorphine Initiation and Management in Primary Care.mp450,835 KB10/4/2019 5:42 PM
Care of the Older Female Patient.mp4111,529 KB10/4/2019 5:47 PM
Case Discussions from Primary Care Part 1.mp4120,405 KB10/4/2019 5:54 PM
Case Discussions from Primary Care Part 2 Polysubstance Use.mp4151,389 KB10/4/2019 6:02 PM
Cervical Cytology and Contraception.mp4108,875 KB10/4/2019 6:08 PM
Chronic Diseases and Food Insecurity.mp4178,958 KB10/4/2019 6:15 PM
Chronic Problems in Pediatrics.mp463,687 KB10/4/2019 6:17 PM
Clinical Problems in Childhood and Adolescence.mp4359,939 KB10/4/2019 6:29 PM
Common Dermatoses in Children and Adults.mp4116,069 KB10/4/2019 6:35 PM
Common Eye Conditions Every Primary Care Provider Should Know.mp4163,210 KB10/4/2019 6:43 PM
Common Orthopaedic Problems and Sports Injuries.mp4177,521 KB10/4/2019 6:52 PM
Common Problems in Psychiatry.mp4175,900 KB10/4/2019 7:01 PM
Common Problems in the First Year.mp464,759 KB10/4/2019 7:03 PM
Common Pulmonary Emergencies.mp461,491 KB10/4/2019 7:05 PM
Common Pulmonary Problems.mp4126,786 KB10/4/2019 7:11 PM
Contraception in Medically Complicated Women.mp464,799 KB10/4/2019 7:14 PM
Delirium.mp438,488 KB10/4/2019 7:15 PM
Dementia and Primary Care.mp461,943 KB10/4/2019 7:17 PM
Dermatology, GI, and Pulmonary Topics.mp435,282 KB10/4/2019 7:18 PM
Diagnostic Approach to Adult Head and C-Spine Trauma.mp455,485 KB10/4/2019 7:20 PM
Diagnostic Approach to Pediatric Head and C-Spine Trauma.mp454,161 KB10/4/2019 7:22 PM
Emergency Medicine.mp4169,618 KB10/4/2019 7:30 PM
Emergency Response to Cardiac Arrest.mp433,590 KB10/4/2019 7:31 PM
Essentials of Nephrology.mp4245,618 KB10/4/2019 7:40 PM
Evaluating and Treating DyspepsiaGERD.mp4127,090 KB10/4/2019 7:46 PM
Falls.mp433,724 KB10/4/2019 7:48 PM
First Do No Harm Integrative Approaches to Common Primary Care Problems.mp4216,875 KB10/4/2019 7:56 PM
Fundamentals of Obstetrics.mp4150,307 KB10/4/2019 8:03 PM
Gastrointestinal Emergencies.mp445,540 KB10/4/2019 8:05 PM
Geriatrics.mp4225,328 KB10/4/2019 8:16 PM
Healthcare for Immigrant and Refugee Populations.mp478,283 KB10/4/2019 8:20 PM
Healthcare Policy in 2017 Implications for Clinicians.mp4207,511 KB10/4/2019 8:29 PM
High Yield GI for the Generalist.mp4190,607 KB10/4/2019 8:37 PM
Hypertension and Valvular Disease Diagnosis and Treatment.mp4235,601 KB10/4/2019 8:48 PM
image.jpg162 KB11/5/2019 7:57 AM
Infectious Disease and Antimicrobials.mp494,039 KB10/4/2019 8:53 PM
Infectious Diseases in Children.mp4123,001 KB10/4/2019 8:59 PM
Infectious Diseases of Pregnancy.mp450,561 KB10/4/2019 9:01 PM
Internal Medicine Part 2.mp448,806 KB10/4/2019 9:03 PM
Intrapartum Complications.mp477,613 KB10/4/2019 9:05 PM
Introduction and Welcome 2.mp413,805 KB10/4/2019 9:06 PM
Introduction and Welcome.mp423,303 KB10/4/2019 9:07 PM
Introduction.mp43,249 KB10/4/2019 9:08 PM
Lumbar Spine and Pelvis.mp465,813 KB10/4/2019 9:10 PM
Management of Diabetes.mp4103,731 KB10/4/2019 9:15 PM
Medical Complications 1.mp476,378 KB10/4/2019 9:18 PM
Medical Complications 2.mp458,997 KB10/4/2019 9:20 PM
Menopause Management.mp476,387 KB10/4/2019 9:22 PM
Mental Health and Women's Health.mp468,865 KB10/4/2019 9:25 PM
Moving Beyond Cancer Primary Care of Cancer Survivors.mp4117,530 KB10/4/2019 9:30 PM
Neurology Review.mp4132,685 KB10/4/2019 9:37 PM
NormalAbnormal Labor Curves.mp445,854 KB10/4/2019 9:38 PM
Obstetrical Complications.mp443,352 KB12/26/2018 4:26 PM
Office Management of Common Breast Complaints.mp4148,756 KB10/4/2019 9:45 PM
Opioid Prescribing in Primary Care Pain Treatment, Opioid Overuse and Substance Use Disorder.mp442,729 KB10/4/2019 9:47 PM
Osteoporosis.mp454,925 KB10/4/2019 9:49 PM
Other MSK Issues Trauma and Sports Conditions.mp434,164 KB10/4/2019 9:50 PM
Overview of Prenatal Care.mp482,696 KB10/4/2019 9:53 PM
Overview of Preventive Medicine for the Family Physician.mp485,363 KB10/4/2019 9:57 PM
Pedi 911 - Urgent and Emergent Problems.mp473,715 KB10/4/2019 9:59 PM
Pedi GI Mashup.mp456,443 KB10/4/2019 10:01 PM
Pediatric Mental Health.mp464,746 KB10/4/2019 10:03 PM
Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies.mp4129,994 KB10/4/2019 10:10 PM
Pediatric Vaccination Refresher.mp4196,922 KB10/4/2019 10:19 PM
Pelvic Pain.mp478,043 KB10/4/2019 10:21 PM
Performance Related issues.mp471,085 KB10/4/2019 10:24 PM
Post-exposure Prophylaxis Against HIV and Hepatitis B and C.mp454,032 KB10/4/2019 10:26 PM
Preventing and Managing IUD Complications.mp4139,645 KB10/4/2019 10:33 PM
Preventing Opioid Overdose.mp469,397 KB10/4/2019 10:36 PM
Prevention and Screening of Breast Cancer.mp485,040 KB10/4/2019 10:39 PM
Problems of the Neonatal Period.mp4241,912 KB10/4/2019 10:49 PM
Rapid ENT Procedues.mp439,074 KB10/4/2019 10:50 PM
Refresher on Diseases of the Thyroid, Parathyroid, Pituitary and Adrenal Gland.mp4187,792 KB10/4/2019 10:59 PM
Sexually-transmitted Diseases.mp4104,946 KB10/4/2019 11:04 PM
Shoulder and Neck Care.mp4102,405 KB10/4/2019 11:08 PM
Skin and Soft Tissues.mp457,940 KB10/4/2019 11:10 PM
Sore Throats That Kill.mp464,717 KB10/4/2019 11:12 PM
Special Populations.mp448,069 KB10/4/2019 11:14 PM
Specialty Care.mp477,903 KB10/4/2019 11:17 PM
SUBSTANCE USE FORUM Decreasing Alcohol Use with Medications What Works.mp473,501 KB10/4/2019 11:20 PM
Surgical Problems in Primary Care.mp4181,804 KB10/4/2019 11:29 PM
The Family Medicine Board Examination What to Expect.mp434,910 KB10/4/2019 11:31 PM
The Red Eye.mp485,549 KB10/4/2019 11:34 PM
The Well Child Visit.mp460,880 KB10/4/2019 11:36 PM
Updates in Managing Chronic Kidney Disease.mp4132,764 KB10/4/2019 11:42 PM
Upper Extremity.mp435,938 KB10/4/2019 11:44 PM
Urinary Incontinence 2.mp458,817 KB10/4/2019 11:46 PM
Urinary Incontinence.mp446,790 KB10/4/2019 11:47 PM